Happy Mother’s Day!!

The significance of motherhood is not in the biological process but in the willingness to include another life as a part of yourself.
– Sadguru

As early as now, when I am hardly five months pregnant – I can feel that fear, that love, that nervousness that a mother feels. In a few months from now, my life is going to revolve around this little miracle, that was breeding inside me for nine months and is finally out and alive – to be called my child. 
Not a single day has passed since the time I found out about my pregnancy; where I haven’t thought about what I will do to bring up my child. There is this nervous feeling – whether will you do everything right or will you fall and fail? I think motherhood begins right there – in the anticipation of the responsibility that is so big! It is a life!

Something in me has deeply changed and I can feel what my mother feels each time she sees me after a long time. There is a tinkle in her eye that shines with selfless, limitless love! But there have been times when she has been scared and worried and terrified as to what will happen to me. Especially on occasions where she wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing. I feel that terror too these days. Will my child grow up to be a good human being? Will I make all the right decisions while bringing him or her up? Will I be half as good a parent when compared to my own? 

All these are lessons of philosophy… Now lets come down to some ground level reality. All these deep things will disappear in the first few years of your motherhood… When your life would have toppled around and you would be wondering – Is this the price I have to pay??? 
For all those times – just breathe and smile!! Rather laugh at yourself and play with your child!! If you want you can even use the famous Mantra from the film 3 Idiots —  “All is Well!! All is Well!!”

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