Maternity Fashion!!

Fashion for women is like cars for men I believe… However young or old, women enjoy celebrating and adorning the latest fashion trends. Don’t let your pregnancy make you shy away from what you enjoy the most… You still have a zillion options to look stylish, classy, traditional or sexy – whatever look you fancy!
1. Indian Festive/ Traditional Look:
Attending a traditional Indian function: Follow Aiswarya Rai in her saree or Genelia in her gorgeous Anarkalis. Even Karishma Kapoor in her simple yet classy salwar kameez makes her mark. Anarkalis seem to rule this category I believe, with almost all the Indian divas sporting that look.
(Please ensure you avoid wearing your heels!)
2. Casual meeting with friends or dinner with family – where fashion is not so crucial but comfort is! And yet you want to look pleasant and presentable.
There are a lot of options from long or knee length dresses with a shrug to tunics teamed with comfortable pants.
3. If its just you and your husband in the house… just a long tee will keep you breezy and super comfortable.

If you have people, loose cotton kurtas can come to your rescue.
4. Team up with shrugs or jackets or ‘kotis’
5. If you can carry it off… Embrace the sexy you!!
6. Dungaree…. Skirt or dress or pants!!! All look damn cool!
While you bask in your pregnancy glow and flaunt your pregnancy dressing; just keep in mind a few things:
1. Nothing too tight – keep it breezy. 
2. Avoid synthetics, stick to cottons and comfortable fabrics. 
3. Wear comfortable bras – don’t try too hard!!
4. Avoid anything too clingy to the tummy – will give you a suffocating feeling.
5. No heels!!
6. Give denims a miss and opt for maternity pants that support the baby bump rather than pressuring it. 
7. Maternity belts beneath your dress can be a good support while heading out of the house for long.   
8. Accessorise with a scarf or a shrug if you are not too comfortable flaunting your new curve. 

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