Book Review: ‘Pregnancy’ – The Complete Childbirth Book By Nutan Pandit

Of all the books that I came across at the various book stalls in Mumbai, this one claimed my attention first. I was very clear that I didn’t want to read anything that was not catering to being pregnant in India. How much we may claim that the world is now a smaller place and all cultures have come together – we all still have very different lives in different countries. So picking up something that was going to be more useful for the US or UK market didn’t make sense. And this one was very easily available in a local shop. Thus, this became the first book I read during my pregnancy.

Book: Pregnancy – The Complete Childbirth Book

Author: Nutan Pandit (Associate, National Childbirth Trust, London)

Publisher: Rupa Publications

If you are looking for something that is easy to understand with all the basic information that you should know, with some interesting and engaging illustrations and useful tips – this book is for you.
It doesn’t overload you with any unnecessary medical information that will be difficult for you to comprehend. It has all the medical terms also simplified for common reading. That makes it easier for anxious mothers to find her answers and not stress too much. It is also quite up to date with the latest trends in terms of USG scans and blood tests and simplifies that information also.

Another good part about the book is that it balances all those age old Indian myths or traditional tips and the latest medical supplements. And gives proper, valid justification in favour or against of both. There are good tips on exercises and eating habits. Also, it prepares you positively for a healthy, natural delivery – taking away all those fears that must have seeped into your brain due to the exaggerated representation of labour pain in films or myths. It also answers a lot of delicate questions revolving around sex and other precautions rather sensitively.

The chapters are also very well structured and answers almost all your questions.

All in all, I would say – Good read!! If you are not much of a reader, this book can be a good bet – as it is not too heavy, has almost all the information you will need a validation on and is very easy flowing in terms of language and structure. 

There are many other books on child care and parenting by the Author Nutan Pandit that are easily available online as well.

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