10 SIGNS that confirm your pregnancy!! No need for all those tests!!

Even if no one tells you – neither your urine test nor your sonography – Here are 10 signs that will a hundred percent confirm your pregnancy:
1. Sleep, my love, where art thou!!!???!!!
You feel as tired as the soldier who has fought hard for months in this battle and yet when you lie down on the bed at night – Sleep seems to have evaded you. You try and try and doze off for a while, only to wake up like an Owl in the night, miserably lying next to your husband who is snoring away to glory.
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2. Patience – I have lost it somewhere!!
Everything in the world – from your husband’s impromptu hug to your mother’s sweet advice to your friend’s ringtone to the aroma of your own cooking – anything and everything in the world will irritate you and you will lose out on your patience and roam around like this annoyed, mad woman.
3. Where did all those good drivers disappear?
Even if your husband was the best driver in the world, the one to have taught you driving and the one who has sat through all your terrible accidents and bad driving days – You will soon give up on his driving! Every horn, every bump, every break, every gear change – you will criticise in your head – hold your tummy like the baby is going to fall off and curse your husband every now and then.
4. Why has the world turned around 180 degrees…?
Everything that once enjoyed doing is now going to turn you off. All the food that you always relished will now not be on your mind… And all those other things  you didn’t particularly enjoy; you will start craving.
5. Puke.. Its not just a fluke!!
If everything that ever went in, came out from the wrong way in the morning… Instead of a morning dump, you will go for a morning puke.. (One of the first signs that all the old aunties catch on..!!)
6. Is my tap leaking??
You have never peed so much in your life, and it all seems to be pouring out in these nine months. You will wake up in the nights, you will feel the pressure all through the day – you would have just come out of the loo, when you might feel that your bladder is still full. You might wonder you have become the leaking tap of the house.
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7. He was just being nice!!
When everything your husband says feels offensive.. When you want to run away from this house to your mother’s house and then when you reach there – want to run back to your husband!! When each time he tries to earnestly tell you that he loves you, you twist it around to pick up a fight and cry… You should know that the marriage is not crippling… You are merely pregnant!
PC: http://www.clickypix.com

8. Why so hairy?
Suddenly you will see all those extra hairs growing below your naval, making you wonder where are they suddenly growing from. Sooner than you will know they will grow here there and everywhere even!!

9. You care little about finishing stuff!!!
I thought Ill jolt down some 10 signs.. But lost patience and mood at no. 9… Woohoo.. I am pregnant and it is confirmed!!!



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