Feeling the kick of a ‘baby kick’!!??!!

Ever since I got pregnant, two things don’t seem to get off my mind –
When will my tummy show?
And when will my baby kick??
And both are taking their sweet own time!!  But then should I be worried or should I be happy??
When I told this to one of my friends, whose son is around four months old and is soooo cute and round that can’t resist to cuddle him hard – she had a very different take on it. “Good Na that the baby is not kicking yet. What’s the hurry?? My this one was so heavy and so active.. Would be turning and kicking all the time – creating havoc inside of me. Trust me, when the kicking will start, you will remember me.”
I realised she was right. Anyways sleeping had become a problem. And to top to that if your little one is constantly knocking at the wall of your uterus.. Imagine how peacefully you will sleep then. Phew!!!
Still, if you really need to know (like me) when to expect what before it actually starts. Here is a quick pictorial guide to baby kicks in various weeks.
Image Source
PC: Google!
Some say you don’t feel like a mother unless you have felt that kick.  Happiness indeed is in feeling the baby, kicking in your belly. How else will he or she communicate to you? Isn’t this how they are going to say “Hello”?
If you observe minutely or create a pattern, certain voices (Like yours or your husband’s) or some music piece or some words; will instigate responses better than at random times.  So talk to your child and let it kick you back for you to feel assured that he or she loves you already!!
But if all these responses are not yet present and that’s freaking you out. Don’t worry, it’s not like the movements are absent. It is just that you do not feel them as yet.
And dude, what’s the hurry? Few months here and there.. Because once a mother,  you will always be that mother. And then you might want to run back to being this reckless rock chick and may not have that luxury of choice!!!
Till then you could do some retail therapy and coax your baby to give you that kick…
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