Dental woes in pregnancy!!

“Why does everything have to go wrong now?” You would wonder if you suddenly started getting tooth ache every night to add to your other sleeping issues that are already creating quite some discomfort. But then, such is life. Troubles are always on sale and accompany each other; and so do rewards.
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When I finally went to the dentist today morning, she was very relieved to know that I was in the second trimester. Because this is the only trimester when they even attempt to treat you, other two trimesters they will avoid as much as possible. But if there is acute, unbearable pain and/or an emergency – of course they will work upon it anytime. I had to get a filling done and my idiotic wisdom tooth removed. She was so careful with the drilling, that I thought in my heart, that everyone should go to a dentist when they are pregnant only. At least they are more sensitive to your sensitivity. At all other times, they so strongly believe that bearing some pain is so normal. But dental drilling pain to bear is not so normal – someone needs to explain to them.
My little jig at the dentist gave me material for yet another post, which I think is so important, and I would have missed had I not faced it myself.
The way it goes:
First you wonder – Oh Shit! Can I go to a dentist while I am pregnant? Is it allowed? You conclude yourself that it is not right. And so bear the pain (if that is the reason you need to urgently go) for a few days. Then it becomes a little too much to bear. So you put it on your list of things to ask your gynaecologist. And when you do so, he/she very casually tells you – yes you can go to the dentist, just make him speak to me if anything major. He gives a nod, but the family still have their inhibitions and so do you. But you still make up your mind one day, after having bore the pain for some twentieth night and finally do end up at the dentist’s clinic. They check you up, tell you to hold on till delivery for all those smaller cavities or treatments that can be delayed. But for the ones where the pain is unbearable – they ask you to take action – because you don’t really have a choice. They ask for the gyneacologist’s permission in writing. You give it to them. They go ahead. And finally after taking all the extra precautions (No X-rays, only a few medicines, careful local aneasthesia ), you are through with your dental woes…. ! Phew! What a relief!! 
Moral of the story:
1. If you are planning a pregnancy – better get your teeth checked in advance. You don’t need this additional adventure during your pregnancy!!
2. If the pregnancy is a surprise gift and so is the tooth ache (can never really be – has to be ignorance or procrastination) – go to the dentist – you don’t really have a choice.
3. Be careful about informing them about your pregnancy – there are a lot of precautions they need to take – especially around the X-ray part – and you can’t be stupid in not letting them know.
4. The above three hold true – if these are general dental issues. Do remember that there are dental complaints that are due to pregnancy – especially related to the gums — Gingivitis. With this one, you can’t plan anything in advance – this is the by product of your pregnancy. So go with the flow – do not ignore – get it treated as the first thing on your priority list. There are effects of that infection on the baby and you certainly don’t want that. And this is caused by hormonal changes, fuelled further thanks to poor hygiene. So ensure you maintain optimum dental hygiene under any circumstances.


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