World No Tobacco Day

31st May is observed as World No Tobacco Day! Let’s take this day as an opportunity to spread further awareness on the effects of smoking in pregnancy.  
Lot has been written and spoken and shared about the hazardous side effects of smoking during pregnancy. And most of the people, do take extra care about it, around the time of pregnancy. Yet, there are a lot of those, who are so strongly held by the clutches of this addiction; that they just refuse to part with their burning stick, even if that means burning their own child with the poison in that smoke. I fail to understand, what must they be feeling about it. You are fully aware that you are doing something that is not only harming you but also the little one inside you. And you still chose to keep on continuing it. That must really be the power of an addiction I must say! Our brains become such slaves!!! 
All you gals out there, who love their little ciggis + the smoking breaks – here’s some reading that you may not particularly enjoy: Effects of smoking during Pregnancy!!
1. The risks in pregnancy get multiplied. Suddenly, when you could easily be a low-risk pregnancy – you become a high-risk one and the one which was quite easily avoidable.  
2. Effects on the baby’s birth – Either born too soon, or too weak or still born!! Such extreme are the adversities – even if we now realise what we are making the little one go through just because we do not want to give up on this ridiculous habit of ours.  It also increases the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 
3. Child’s development – No rocket science knowledge needed to anticipate that the child’s lungs will be affected!! Either underdeveloped or developed with some deformities!!! Increases vulnerability to Asthama! Also increased risk of forming some congenital heart diseases!
4. Brain disorders – Only if physical defects and increased vulnerability to various diseases was not enough – it also effects the development in the Brain – leading to many learning disorders in the child. 
For this particular topic – I’d like to add some links as well – Let the adamant smoker read the same thing again and again – until they understand it once and for all. 
4. NHS
So take that pledge today my friend. Never too late! And always worth it!!!
P.S. All this is equally valid even if you are a continuous passive smoker. So, if it is not you, but your partner. Ask him to strictly maintain discipline and not smoke around you at all!!!

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