June 2016: Fashion Calendar for showing off the ‘Bump’!!

The last leg of this super hot 2016 summer is slowly going to meet it’s end once the showers start pouring in more regularly!! Let’s hope they do so at least by mid June. 

Here are some fun ideas to beat the summer heat and then gear for the rains; never compromising one bit on the fashion quotient!!!
1. Flowy skirts teamed with plain tees… Keep the length till the rains arrive, and then crop them a little to avoid the muddy roads messing them around.
Summer Time
Monsoon Time

2. Maxi dresses or cotton dresses – Never out of fashion – Never out of comfort – Never out of season – Be it summers or monsoon – they will be by you.

PC: Google

3. Though I am not too much in favour of denims – If you have got your self the right maternity wear denims – and want some warmth when the mild chills of the monsoon start hitting you – you could go for these looks. Team them with loose tees or shirts.

PC: Google

4. Something to accessorise that cute, perfectly round curve of your new body – Stoles, scarfs, shawls, cardigans and more…

PC: Google

Flaunt your curve… Flaunt your smile… Await the rains… Enjoy the first drops… Sip some hot chai… Drool over home made pakodas… But while you do all that – never compromise on your style!! The more you will love yourself and take care… The more will the baby have fun inside!! Your happiness will reach to him or her faster than you can even think.

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