Baby Birth Shadow Box

“One day, when you will be born; time will stand still for a second. I will want to hold on to the moment forever – cherish it with all my heart and all my might.”
-Shailee (The little Poet in me!!)
Being a curator of everything – my last school uniform to my text books to my favourite art/comic books, all my secret diaries, greeting cards and gifts to boarding passes and souvenirs from all my vacations to everything that ever mattered to me – I wanted to find a unique way to remember this special moment of my life – the first day of my child in this world! And luckily I found this concept online – ‘BABY BIRTH SHADOW BOX’ and I was thrilled to my gut!
Image Source
I realised that there are many a people in the world, as excited as me about cherishing special life moments – that they have already devised this brilliant little masterpiece of an idea to record one of the most important days of their lives.
The Birth Shadow Box – is a frame – where you decorate and keep all those little things that the baby used on his or her first day, with some exact details about the birth time, weight, patient no. etc. to remember for life.


There are a lot of unique things you can put in there – coloured xerox of their sonography reports, badges saying ‘Love’ or ‘Special’ or their names in fancy fonts, their foot prints, their first picture, a picture of the two of you holding them first and anything and everything that you find special on your special day.

Image Source
Image Source
People even dedicate walls to their children – where every shadow box is either accompanied with a clock where the time is stopped to the time when they were born.
I am really looking forward to doing this and will share my ‘Baby Shadow Box’ when it will be ready. Hope you guys have fun making your little wonder memory as well!!!

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