Workshops for Kids @ Trilogy By The Eternal Library…

I believe that today is about knowing all those things that this City(Mumbai) has to offer for kids over the coming few days. Just when the morning post was about a Children’s Lit Fest, this one is about some interesting workshops that are coming up this month. 
Trilogy – By the Eternal Library – is this amazingly innovative new idea of restoring our age old tradition of reading books from a Library. Being curated by this young couple – Ahalya and Meethil Momaya – in the heart of the city – At the 1st Floor, Building No. 28, Above Mercedes Service Centre, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West, Mumbai – 400013 – certainly calls for a visit. 
A close friend of mine works with them and thats how I first found out that something like this exists. And its through her that I know how painstakingly they chose their collection and curate their library and the little store they have in it. And I must confess – I am envious and I am impressed!! This city needs more places like this – For our kids to develop the skills that are lost in the times of video games and tablets. (And I hear they have this breathtaking collection of books and reading material for kids!!)

This month they are coming up with three workshops for kids where mainly they are targeting at Vocabulary Building through story telling and creative writing. 

Find below the details for the same – they have made three batches for different age groups – check out for yourself which one works for your kids… 

For more details: Visit their Facebook Page!

How I wish I did something like this as a child – At least I would not have been short of words every now and then!!!!

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