Gloomy and moody!! Such is my post today!

The first shower every year invariably makes me gloomy. Especially since I shifted to this house, which offers this spectacular view of the skyline of this city (let’s say the suburban version of the real Mumbai Skyline!!)

Today morning I woke up to no ‘Sun’, I woke up to ‘Clouds’!! I woke up to the feeling that things have cooled down a bit. My baby inside my womb also didn’t kick as much last night – kind of sensed the change in advance. Very quietly me and my husband moved around the house doing our individual morning routine – without an exchange of a single word. This was a first! Either we pulled each other’s leg, or argued or at least interacted about something. But today there was this uncanny silence. And at times – you do enjoy the silence as well! 
Extra ‘adrak’ in the Chai – a perfect start to the morning I must admit!! Just while we were sipping our magic drink, sitting by the window – the first shower finally poured down. Like my friend rightly posted on her FB page – it felt like it was washing off all the Melancholy. 
Today feels like one of those days again – I feel this deep emotion towards this child that is inside of me. I want him or her to stretch our their hands and feel the drops of this rain water. I wonder will they be the kind who enjoy the rains or the kind who hate the filth that it creates in this city that we reside in. Today I want to run away to the mountains, buy a valley facing property and sip my chai in the arms of the Nature. I don’t want the drops of water that fall on my child’s head to be any acidic! I want them to be droplets of joy, droplets of blessings.. Pure!! 

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