Angry Indian Goddesses

Angry Indian Goddesses – Just saw this film – at the end of a rather ’moody’ ‘pregnant’ day! How often do you see films that move you at depths you don’t realise still exist in you? ‘Angry Indian Goddesses ‘speaks of a lot of issues that women in India go through in the most fun, easy going, cool film ever! And I must say it certainly didn’t get its due recognition or appreciation. A solid lot of talented ladies, all on the same canvas, stroking a different hue to the this portrait of the Angry indian Goddess of a film – needed to be heard louder!

 This post is not that much about reviewing the film (it is hands down a ‘must watch’ in my opinion) but more so about what it tries to tell us and how we as women really need to get that right. Each one of us, however different we may be from each other, our voices always echo about similar regrets, deprivations, emotional draining and suffering.. You could be this ultra cool urbane chic or a village belle; at the deeper root level – we all are the same.

 Why do we always place the happiness of others over ours?

Why do we always fail to understand what happiness should mean to us?

Why do we always seek for happiness beyond ourselves?

Why do we always entrust others with our happiness?

My whole day today went by trying to convince myself about this one thing – which this film finally did – that I need to find ways to be happy with myself.. With being myself… Doing the things I want to do… Being the person I want to be… Without having to make compromises for others.. without having to worry about what others are going to think or do… End of the day – it is you who is always going to be by you… And hopefully never let you down. Everyone else, knowingly or unknowingly, is invariably going to let you down. So be happy anyways.. Just simply be happy… Even if you have made mistakes… Taken wrong decisions and are now paying the price.. Smile… It is not going to cost you extra. Because it is only when you will smile that your brain will start functioning again. And you will be able to take the control of your life back into your hands – Get out of this current problem and gear up to win even the bigger battles of life.

A strong, self made woman was once complaining to me – Why is my life like this? Why do I have to find my own way out of every situation? Why do I have to always take my own decisions? Why do I always have to earn my own money? Why can’t I have a simple life where people pay for my expenses and take decisions on my behalf while I just take care of the house?

And then another woman was once complaining to me – Why is my life like this? Why couldn’t I find my way out of all these situations in my life? Why did I never get to take my decisions? Why was I never financially independent? Why did I always have to rely on people to pay my expenses? Why had my life narrowed down to only taking care of the house?

 So either ways – it is going to be difficult only.. Such is life.. So why lose your sanity for the sake of others. Or worse – by thinking that the grass is greener on the other side! Trust me it is not! And even if it is… Is it always necessary to have the greenest grass?

 Life is an experience.. To elevate us to the next level. But we women, get so caught up in our day to day life – that we never get out of that routine to become seekers.. Why not experience divine bliss in knowing the unknown… Knowing the ‘real’ truth of the world.. rather than being caught up in the daily rut..

Haso Gao Muskrao – Kya pata kay ho na ho…

 Or rather… Breathe and watch your breath.. That will heal half the issues..



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