10 Pregnancy Tips for the Rains…

1. Watch your step – You just can’t afford to fall…
Watch out for wet floors – no rubber soles – simply no falling on the ground.
2. Cravings will multiply and options will divide!!
Even if you crave for all those chats by the beach or spicy Indian chinese on the streets – you will have hold your horses. Make all those things at home – but no way you nibbling on any street side food.
3. Hot water baths…
Gone are those sweaty summers that tempted you for quick showers all the time. Now is the time to soak in the goodness of Nature. Long, hot water baths will bring your muscles the much needed relaxation and take care of your hygiene. As you Grandma would have lovingly advised you – put some Neem leaves into the water – will act as a natural anti bacterial solution.
4. You will see water everywhere but that doesn’t mean your body is hydrated.
Now that you are not feeling that hot or sweaty anymore, don’t forget to still keep yourself hydrated. You still need a lot of water. Drinking plenty of water is essential!! Trying sipping in hot water – or better if you have a green tea or some fancy flavoured tea like the chamomile tea or something… Will make you feel good about the weather.
5. Eat as much hot food as possible. Give all those raw food diets a miss!! No raw vegetables – boil them into a soup or saute them… Especially with the green leafy vegetables – be extra careful about cleaning them – there will be too much mud and as many bacterias…
6. If you enjoyed the readily chopped vegetables and fruits from the super market to save your time – you will have to push yourself to chop them yourselves. Avoid all those chopped ones – as they attract a lot more moisture and bacteria.
7. Most often rains are about hygiene and food related issues… One more tip in the food section – if you are a sea food lover – you are going to hate this time… Strictly avoid sea food… You do not want that extra complication at this time of your life.
8. Step out in clean shoes and come back and wash them instantly. You do not want to store all those extra bacteria in your footwear. Also important to come back and sanitise yourself – especially the hands and feet.
9. You may think gone are the summers and I can get back to all my fancy synthetic clothing – then you are highly mistaken. Nylons and synthetics are going to itch and irritate – make you unnecessarily sweaty – stick to lose cottons (I know difficult to take the muddy stains off!! ) – they will keep let the skin breathe and cause no irritation.
10. Each time you crave for some chai and pakodas – don’t shy away – one thing you can indulge in as much as you want.. Ensure you getting the pakodas fried at home!!!

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