So Miss… Did you check your bag???

Heading out in the rains, did you put all those things in your bag??
1. A folding Umbrella – Did I even have to put it on the list??
2. A Rain Coat – Or are you the rain coat types?? (During Pregnancy – I wouldn’t recommend a raincoat!)
3. Rainy Footwear – Incase you want to wear matching footwear with your favourite dress taking the opportunity to paused showers – do not forget to carry an extra pain – rather the right pair of rainy footwear for your way back or in case it starts raining anytime.
4. A hand towel – Carry a thick one without fail – Your immunity doesn’t need any adventure… in case you get wet in the rain – dry yourself as much as you can.
5. A hand santizer – You just can’t miss this one… especially on a long day out.
6. Some tissue papers – Might want to wipe something before you sit – toilet seat or the any other seat or handle – you do not want to mix your hand towel to do these tasks you know!
7. Moisturiser and talcum powder – Make a small travel kit with small bottles containing both – a moisturiser as well as talcum powder – you could need any..
8. Some Toilet Seat Sanitising Spray – Incase you have to use a public loo – why take the risk of using it without cleansing it – your private parts are precious parts you know!!
9. Extra cotton panty liners – The humidity is high and so are your personal discharges – making you quite uncomfortable after a few hours – best to keep extra panty liners handy – why let the extra humidity cause the irritation…?
10. Munchies and your own bottle of water – You are going to be thirsty and you are going to be hungry! Cant stop the car and eat anything from the street on the go (Remember??? No eating roadside in rains when pregnant!!!Uff!!!) – So keep yourself loaded with food and water essentials. If you want you could carry a green tea or coffee in a flask as well!

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