Pregnancy Photoshoot in the Rains

Today morning my husband surprised me by making a plan to take me on a long drive into the heart of the Nature on a rainy and a rather lazy Saturday. He enthusiastically offered to drive me to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is located in Borivali (suburbs) – a patch of a forest area that stands as a pleasant contrast to the concrete jungle that Mumbai as a city is! I wanted to write for the blog in the morning, but his offer was too tempting to give it a miss. And as rightly anticipated – it was quite a refreshing break from the daily hustle and bustle that this city has to offer to us – the soothing sound of the rain, the greens, the mini-waterfalls everywhere – simply Nature at it’s serene best!! Just what my child was waiting to experience!!!
There were a lot of people there today – mostly teenagers, drenching in the rains and making the most of their awesome time in life. Little do they know that once their college is going to over, life will take over in a completely different avatar?
We drove and drove and stopped and watched in awe – we smiled and laughed, we turned of the radio to listen to the Nature’s music – we were simply happy in a very enriching way!! We just loved it!!


We clicked this one picture randomly and I was so happy with it – that I thought pregnancy photography in the rains is such an interesting idea.

Just in case, you also decide to take a stroll in the Nature, remember to carry your camera and bring back some sweet memories….


1                                2                                 3


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