Hospital Bag Check List

Hospital Bag Check List is a must! You don’t want to go crazy in those last few hours of your pregnancy when already there is so much action happening. Being prepared for this one is the most appropriate thing to do. People seem to have crazily detailed lists that can include things like the hair straightener and blow-driers or ‘Thank you’ notes for the hospital staff or DVD player with shortlisted DVDs to watch and so on.. One needs to understand what one is going to need and be ready for it in advance – however ridiculous it may sound to those around you, who haven’t done this themselves. But when they will see how handy it came to you at the right time – they are going to realise….
I just compiled one for myself and thought it might just be worth sharing… Basic stuff plus some cute stuff that I really want to do when my baby is born – say like the Baby Birth Shadow Box or some Thank you notes for my relatives and the nursing staff at the hospital or some fun photography in my hospital room.


PS: It is a printable version where in you can add your personal notes as well…

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