As my battle with (actually FOR) Sleep continues..

The one thing everyone invariably complaints about during their pregnancy is ‘lack of proper sleep’… I am no different…
I try to do everything to get my good night’s sleep.
  • Not sleep during the day
  • One cup of warm milk
  • Warm water bath at night
  • Followed by massage by loving husband
  • Some soothing, stress relieving music in the background
  • Dreamcatcher on my wall
  • Aroma Oil in my room
But nothing seems to consistently work.
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There is a day once in a while, when I am happy with my sleep. But again, the next night – the battle continues. After a good massage, two or three hours are taken care of, but what later? Same old routine – sleep in breaks!! And dreams – don’t even ask – they are not necessarily nightmares. Actually, thankfully never nightmares! But too elaborate and detailed and real-like. If no dreams one night then there are baby kicks giving me company. Or the ‘not getting comfortable in a particular sleeping position’ feeling! If yesterday, sleeping on the left had worked for two hours straight – today the same side will feel extremely uneasy and suddenly sleeping on the back will seem to work. But very soon that position will also lose its charm and you will have to start exploring again.  To top that – the growing size of the bump – stresses you more about ensuring you are sleeping in the most comfortable position without putting any pressure on the bump or the little one inside.
Even if you have come a little ahead tackling your sleeping position issue – there is the sense of time passing by feeling still awaiting you. I can feel every single hour as it passes me by. What happened to that ‘me’ who would close her eyes and then open them and a night would have passed by and would be complaining, ‘Oh Shit – it’s morning so soon – I thought I just went to sleep!’ So much I used to hate it then. And now I long for it!! And hello – if this is not all – there is the peeing in the night! Every few hours your bladder will hurt as though you have gulped down a fresh bottle of water each time. And then you will have your mental war with the body to coax the muscles to move and get out of the bed to relieve yourself. This is the time, when you will want to sleep the most. But for the fact that you have no choice – you will have to get up and get out of the bed – to come back to it again, having flushed the sleep with your pee. Again your mini mission to get back to sleep will start all over again and you will hate yourself for having to pee at just the wrong time.
And as they say – all this is going to get worse once you deliver! The baby will cry when you will be most sleepy or be in a very playful mood when all your energies would have exhausted and behave as if he or she has just started their day when it is already three in the night… But amidst all these new battles – what will be constant is the craving for a good night’s sleep, which is never going to be satisfied.
I tried to look for some medical reasons for it. But found none! I guess it is just a part of life. The more we stress and think about it – the more difficult it gets!
Today, I didn’t plan to start my day with a blog post on my lack of sleep – but I got up so sleep deprived that I just had to let it out of my system! And I am sure, many of you, who have either faced this in the past or are facing it now – would completely relate to my situation and sympathise with it. And if by any chance, you had found your way around it by doing something particular – please do share it here – for all of us to experience at least a week’s peaceful sleep before the little miracle is out!!
P.S. This was a repost from last year. But guess what – the story is still the same! Today morning also I got up ‘sleep deprived’ and I was like I have to share this one again!

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