What is the ideal time to pack your Hospital Bag?!?

How time flies…
All us friends – who were once these reckless girls are now married ladies!! Few already mothers and few mothers-to-be and the rest planning for it in the near future. When did it all change so randomly? Now I plan my career and my child together – giving each their due importance.. Earlier I would claim I will tick my checklist of things to achieve and only then plan my child. But now I am merrily following the Fate’s plan! How easily I adapted to this new situation – I am myself surprised…
But then I met my friend the other day and she convinced me that I was not the only one. She was such a diva till a few months back… Having styled half the stars of Bollywood, she herself was quite a thunder.. And then I met her now – adorning her new role – Being the perfect mother, styling just her kid and overlooking herself to devote herself selflessly to the little one, all of just six months, who she understood needed her more than anyone else and she was willing to go all out to be there for him… It was such a delight to see her cooing to her son in between our conversation at regular intervals. I was convinced that maternal instincts and calls are really powerful – they can transform the hardest of nuts.
In a span of half an hour, while her baby was still happy with the cafe environment, before turning cranky; she gave me quick tips on what I should do now while I was pregnant and what I should be prepared for once I deliver. (These days these are the only conversations I am having it seems… But I am loving it!!! ) Of all the things she said – the one that stayed with me rather too strongly was her insistence on keeping the Hospital Bag packed and ready well in advance. She delivered a month before the designated due date given to her time and again, in all her sonography reports.. And it was no emergency c-section delivery because something went wrong – It was a natural delivery with proper labour pain and easy welcome to the baby into the world!!
One month before the due date – can you imagine??
She was indeed right in insisting on keeping the hospital bag ready in advance – because someone like me would always procrastinate about such things and think ‘there is still a month to go… I will do it…’ And then one day would have to rush to the hospital only half equipped!! Hence, I decided to be different this time.. I decided I will keep the Hospital bag ready in the seventh month only. So I have started working on it and by the end of this week will have it ready. Who knows what happens when? And this is no time to say, ‘Bring on the adventure – we will face it!!’ –  being caught off guard is going to multiply the trouble for you only… So once you enter the seventh month.. Get going…
Just in case you are wondering what all should I put in the Hospital Bag – let me refresh your memory and get you the link of my Hospital Bag Checklist Post!!! You can get it printed also and add your own personal comments if you like…
Happy Packing!!



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