Fear and Food Stains!!!

I had come across this picture very early in my pregnancy and was waiting to relate to it completely.. And as I am nearing my delivery, having finally reached the third trimester – I am beginning to love it more and more…
So far I had not been craving so much for food… But lately it has started… Nowadays there are only two things on my mind – What should I eat next?? And how will I deliver the baby? So I guess they rightly pointed out in the picture above that the last trimester is truly about fear and food stains… You really feel hungry all the time and want to always eat something new, something interesting, something more delicious than the last time, something more good looking, something more YUMMY!!!

And then there is this constant fear hanging on your head – how will I deliver the baby? Will it be a natural delivery or will it be C-section? Will the labour hurt a lot? What if they have to do forceps delivery? Will I allow them that? Shouldn’t I rather go for C section than the forceps one? What if when the baby comes out, it tears me down there and they have to take stitches? Will those stitches hurt? What if they get septic later? How will I pee if I will have stitches there? Oh forget pee, how will I shit? And then what if I have constipation? What if the C-section stitches go septic? Or worse, what if I bleed a lot during delivery? What if there is some complication during the blood transfusion (if needed)? 
Arrrrreeeeeeee…… Hold on!!! 
Often I have to shout back to my brain to stop thinking unnecessarily… How is all this over analysing ever going to help? It is just going to add to my misery!! But where is the misery? It doesn’t exist in the first place… This is a beautiful journey that I have started and it will end also with a ‘happy ending’ only..  How much ever complicated the delivery may be – the joy that it is going to give me at the end of it – when I will hold my little one – it is beyond any comparison!!!
So why agonise over anything at this point… 
Enjoy your food and say bye to your fears… 

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