July 2016 Calendar: Photoshoot Trends: Hospital Room

After all those beautiful pictures that you clicked through your pregnancy – now is the time to gear up for some even better pictures at the Hospital.

People have certainly learnt the art of cherishing memories in the most amazing ways – Hospital Room Photoshoots is one such example!! This moment is never going to come back to you – what better than capturing it in pictures!! Your face may be bloated, the baby may still be all red and would hardly even open the eyes — but it will still be the most important time of your life. And if you capture it in pictures now – you will pat yourself all your life. So when packing your hospital bag – do not forget your camera – it will come really handy to you!!!

Some people even hire photographers and call for fancy lights and do an elaborate photoshoot. Always pays off!!

But if you are more keep to keep the moment rather private – Chuck the idea of hiring a photographer, here are some amazing references for DIY photoshoots – bribe some friend or some cousin and load them with your camera – because the baby is never going to cease to look adorable – regardless of whoever is behind the lens to call click!!

Treat yourself with some endearing pictures, at the very beginning of this amazing journey of a lifetime!!!




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