Nipple Discharge during pregnancy!

There are these little miracles that happen on daily basis during your pregnancy. And most often they are nothing to worry about. But because we are at times so unaware, we tend to worry.
One such common miracle is a liquid (whitish or yellowish or semi transparent) that starts discharging from your nipples in the second or the third trimester. One wonders whether it is a sign for something! Am I going to get into labour anytime soon? Or is there some hyper-sensitivity in the breasts? Should I be worried?
As a thumb rule – Always consult your doctor whenever you have such questions – rather than agonising over it in solitude.
For this particular case, let me tell you – this is very normal and happens to almost every other woman. That liquid is called colostrum. It is what the child feeds on for the initial few days before the proper milk production starts. It is rich in proteins, Vitamin A and sodium chloride; and also contains immunoglobulins – necessary antibodies that a mother passes on to the child in the initial days after child birth. Hence, your case is just a sign that everything is normal and the body is gearing to welcome the child gradually.
When this discharge is seen happening from both the nipples and more so on stimulation rather than general overflowing – it is nothing much to worry about. But just in case you see any colour changes (mostly red) or uncontrollable discharge – immediately report to your doctor.

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