Babble Wrap: A perfect gifting solution!!!

When it is your most special moment in life – you want everything around it to be equally special. Nothing compares to the joy of becoming a mother – we have heard it way too often. Some of us – the luckier ones – have felt it first hand. But what I am going to talk about now – is about making the special even more special!! 

Babble Wrap is this unique concept – started by Kavita Gupta, very recently, at the beginning of this month – for all us lucky mothers-to-be to indulge in some customised goodies to welcome our little ones. Why only mothers-to-be, its for all those who are surrounded by someone who is expecting or has just delivered – this will make for the most unique gift they would have ever received!! 

Kavita, personally puts together this miracle what she likes to call a ‘Babble Box’ – an ensemble of these customised products – specially curated and designed to welcome the baby in vogue. She has a wide product range to pick and chose from – Baby age blocks, milestone stickers, Cushy blankets, Animal hooded towels, organic dohars , quilts, baby letter monogrammed cushions, baby statistics frames, luggage tag and passport covers, rompers, frocks/dresses in super fun prints and lots of other personalized baby essentials. Either go by her gut or tell her what you want – either ways be assured that the final show is going to be a super hit!!!

I’d say – rather than writing any more about it – let me give you a peekaboo into the world of BabbleWrap.. 

These are the Babble Boxes and their contents in various colour combinations..

There are also these other customised items like cushions and hangers.. 
And then, if its your friend you love more than their child – this is a classic opportunity to gift them instead. Babble Wrap has something for everyone.. !!
Parents’ Special!!!
And trust me – this is just a teaser – there is a lot more she has – go out there and explore for yourself!!
Don’t worry – you don’t have to go looking for them anywhere. All these things come right to your doorstep!! Just order them online on Facebook –
Want a more personalised experience?
Order from Kavita Gupta directly via Whatsapp! Her mobile number is +91-7021719560. You can message her and she will promptly respond – send you product pictures for you to place an instant order simply over your phone!! And the next thing you know is that Babble Box has reached your doorstep!!
Cheers and happy shopping!!

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