11 things you do not want to repent about after your Bumpy Miracle is delivered!!


As they very often say – “In life and on some trip; few things always remain undone. And you shouldn’t bother much about them.” This line sounds very philosophical when talking about life or some trip you made as a tourist and missed out on one or two prime spots of that place. But when it is pregnancy and baby birth that you are talking about – the same philosophy becomes an impractical carelessness. And repenting becomes the most unavoidable thing to do. So save yourself from that horror while you are still pregnant. Make a note of the important things that need to be done well in advance and equip yourself to welcome the baby, rather than wait for it to surprise you in ways you may not like at that point. 
1. Didn’t click some nice pictures
It is as bad a feeling as when you see other’s wedding albums looking better than yours and you wondering why didn’t we do this in our pre-wedding photography! This is specially if you are the kind who likes these kinda stuff. But even if you are the content kind, you will probably wonder you may not be pregnant again and you should have clicked at least one cute picture with your husband while the baby was still a cute looking bump. 
2. Didn’t read up enough
It is very important that you know well in advance what the baby is going to expect of you. And what you should expect of the baby. When to panic and when not to. Suddenly one day, you don’t want to feel unprepared. Rather read up in advance and consult your doctor at the right time. 
3. Didn’t catch up on enough sleep
Not that this is really going to matter – it is not a battery that you can charge in advance. It is your sleep after all. But having said that, at least you will not regret having stressed about sleep at both times – through the pregnancy and after that both. When I say catch up on sleep, I also mean do not over-work yourself – be relaxed and rested when welcoming the baby to the world. 
4. Didn’t have a list of names ready
If you believe in horoscopes and are going to name your child according to the moon-sign or sun-sign he or she is born in – then keep a name for a girl or a boy shortlisted from every letter possible. You can mark your favourite and pray that the baby comes out at the right time to attract that name. If you are not the kind who believes in such things – then life is simpler for you. Shortlist your favourite names for a boy and a girl well in advance so that once the baby is out no need to stress and look for names in a frenzy. You have enough time to do as much research as you want. 
5. Didn’t stock up enough
This is a wide range of things that I am talking about – from sanitary pads to diapers to groceries in the house to hand towels to clothesline clips to anything and everything. Make your list in detail while you still have the time and plan how and when you want to buy them. With mobile Apps like Grofers and BigBasket, you do not have to stress so much – but still who wants the last minute pressure when there is lot more to deal with – like the stitches down there to the bleeding to the breast feeding and best of all – the fragile, little newborn in your arms!!
6. Didn’t work out – I would have been fitter today
Few realisations are rather too painful. Like this one! Do keep your body active through the pregnancy – do not let the lethargy sink in and put you in a slumber in the name of pregnancy. Later, when pulled out of this comfort zone with the arrival of the baby – everything is going to seem ten times more strenuous and difficult – rather keep your body active and fit through the nine months to welcome any kind of a chaos thereafter with a smile on your face. 
7. Didn’t pamper myself enough
Soon you won’t exist anymore and life will only revolve around the little one. No time for eyebrows or waxing!!! And manicure and pedicure will seem like words from a different lifetime. So pamper yourself with as many hair spas and visits to the salon as you want to now; later it is all going to happen in a hurry! The anticipation that the baby will cry anytime – will never let you fully enjoy any of those services..
8. Didn’t look for a nanny/cook/maid in advance
Working woman? Going to leave the baby at home while going to work? And still don’t have a nanny in place to help your mother or mother-in-law and your getting back to work date is like a week away? You are in a bad mess. A friend of mine has been looking for a half decent nanny since the last six months. And still hasn’t succeeded. Not that you will be able to judge anything about her without the baby in front of her. But the sooner you start, the sooner will you reach your destination! Spread the word and keep. At least a cook can be got on board in advance if not the nanny. Your mother or mother-in-law or whoever is going to be with the baby is going to be anyways skilled in taking care of the baby – get them the other aid in place instead!
9. Didn’t pack my hospital bag in time
I have warned you again and again on this one… Never overlook it. At the hospital, your life would have turned around and the hospital bag will be your only comfort zone. Do not ever take this lightly. Be ready in time. That bag could be lying there ready for months – doesn’t matter. But it won’t being there will make you so helpless you cannot even imagine!
10. Didn’t listen to my mom
You may think she is old school and half your philosophies don’t match hers now. But still, do listen to her. There will be lots that she will tell you that would come to your rescue when in doubt. Remember, after all she brought you up and you are so proud of yourself – so she couldn’t have been that wrong after all!!
Now this one is not for everyone: But trust me it is the most important one!!! 
11. Didn’t give up on Alcohol or Smoking or any other Substance Abuse
I even dread writing about what you will see that will make you repent about this one. It is your baby and the harm that you would have already caused to him or her, without it being their fault at all! Give up on all those things for a few months of your life – trust me, you will not repent having done that much of a sacrifice for your little one!! If you want to refresh your memory – here is the post that will tell you of the hazards of smoking during pregnancy. 

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