So much hue and cry about Saif and Kareena finding out the gender of their baby to be born.. Why not..?

Ever since, Mr. Saif Ali Khan confirmed the news of Kareena’s pregnancy – the media has been going crazy covering them every single day. To the extent that finally Kareena Kapoor had to come out and say, “I am pregnant, it is not a national casualty!”
But amidst all those articles and pictures of Kareena’s baby bump; the one that caught my attention was the article where they claimed that the couple had found out the gender of their baby in UK and it is boy. 
Image Source
One article like that and it was soon followed by a lot of others and a lot of trolling on Twitter against them finding out the gender of their offspring. 

I ask why – what’s wrong even if they did find out the gender?
I, myself, was very curious in the beginning and really wanted to know whether it was a baby girl or a baby boy. Not because I am the kind who only wants a son and would indulge in female foeticide – but simply because it will help me prepare better. Everyday, I would wish to talk to the baby and be confused about how to address him or her. 
My own brother, a radiologist, refused to tell me. Ever since the rules got stricter in India; he had vowed to never reveal it to anyone – no one at all. I had really tried to coax him into telling me. But he just didn’t. He felt it was wrong and unnecessary! 
Though I do understand where his thinking was coming from – but I want to understand why not. These rules came into being because a certain section of the Indian society were taking undue advantage of the developing technology and planning murders of their daughters. And that is absolutely unacceptable and good that the Government had taken such strict actions to control at least as much damage as we can. But does that really account for the change in their thinking? I don’t think so! They have still found their ways. If not the city doctors, they are willing to travel to other smaller cities or towns, bribe smaller clinics and pay a fortune to find out the gender of the baby in the womb. There are always loop holes that these kind of people find and exploit. And what ultimately happens is that the innocent others – suffer! People like me, who in good faith, just out of curiosity and love, want to know the gender of their child and they are denied. And then power couples become victims of such shaming just because they were in UK and there, they could have found out the gender. 
But then I also feel – there is a different joy to unwrapping the gift and discovering what is inside only at the time of delivery! That experience of unadulterated love and joy will make up for all the suspense I guess!!! 

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