The ‘Bond’ your child should be introduced to.. before any other!!

Yesterday, I paid a visit to my friend at the Library cum Bookstore where she currently works. Yes! Libraries still exist in this day and era of online sales, e books, pirated xeroxes at the signals and short-lived stories of those new age writers. And the one I visited, Trilogy – is specially a curated one, where the owners actually take a lot of effort and pride in showcasing only what’s worth it. They have a special kids’ section and that had instantly became an inspiration for me to start another Label on this blog which would be dedicated to the bookstores or libraries you and your kid should visit. But that is for later.  Right now is about celebrating someone – someone who has touched all our lives, for the longest time, and still continues to do so.
From the bookstore, I had picked up the latest Ruskin Bond Book – My Favourite Nature Stories. And in one night, I devoured almost half the stories. There is something about his writing… It just transports you instantly to his world – the world that is invariably in the heart of Nature. And in today’s times, when we all live in the concrete jungle, coming up close to the real Mother Nature and breathing in that space feels so refreshing. I felt at peace reading that book. And instantly I knew that my child should and would read Ruskin Bond as early as possible. While Enid Blyton will aspire and impress, Ruskin Bond will soothe and caress!!
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RUSKIN BOND.. The Bond I’d like my child to be introduced to before any other… 
When I told my husband what I was writing about tonight, he quickly defended saying, “Let it be James Bond na..” We both laughed at it but deep down we both knew which Bond it should be! The same one, that had touched the both of us as kids, and will certainly continue to do so for generations to follow. His words, his worlds, his stories – they are timeless and can never be out of fashion or interest… And no other writer has understood or fed the child’s mind better than him. He knows his young readers way too well – he knows where their heart lies.. He knows where their minds wander.. He knows how to feed their imagination and he knows how to love them…


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