Be Careful! You are entering Phase #3!

Third Trimester is probably going to be the most difficult of the three. It multiplies the chances of developing pregnancy related complications and you won’t even realise what the hell happened. They say one has to be really careful in the first trimester, to reduce the risk of miscarriages. But the third trimester holds equal if not more amount of threat there. You think you have come a long way with the pregnancy and now things are just going to be smooth… But you may be in for a surprise!! So ensure you never take this trimester even one bit lightly. Give it the due importance and take as much care as possible.
This is a high risk period. You will be most susceptible to infections and you really need to be careful about it.
No un-purified water!
No un-pasteurised milk!
No inadequately cooked meat!
No raw veggies or fruits outside (wash them at home, under your own supervision and then only eat!)!!
And certainly no road side food indulgences!!!
Ensure your toilet seats are disinfected every once in a while. You can hardly see down there – so take no symptom lightly, incase of even mild irritation – take quick action!!
This is no time to catch any infection or cold or fever or anything!! So be alert!!
This is a crucial time – travel only if you really have to! All baby moon plans should have been executed in the second trimester! Plus, not many travelling options will remain available for you. But if you really need to travel – the option of road journeys is completely ruled out!! Flights – last till 30-32 weeks! Trains – probably the safest. But remember – only if you really need to take that journey!!
To note: carry your medical file along without fail. Move around every one or two hours on your journey – you need to stretch around!! And once you reach your destination, first thing you do is go and meet a local doctor!
This is no time to hate those kicks or complain about them. This is the time to celebrate them… They are a sign that everything inside is normal. You will really need to monitor them. One long patch and you feel you haven’t felt anything – it is time to observe more carefully and act wisely. Eat something and lie on your left for two hours and count the movements. If they happen to be less than 10 times – it is time to call the doctor!
If you think you have already had enough of those and now are tired of popping these pills all the time.. Push yourself for some more time. They are important. More important now than ever. Say for eg. Calcium – Your baby will be transforming from cartilage to bones and will need a lot more calcium, which will all come from you. So either you take your supplement, our give off your reserves and become deficient yourself! It is a choice for you to make!!
This is not so much of a worry – your body will automatically adopt the position that is right for you. But this point makes it to this list – because if you fail to listen to your body signs, you will suffer! And lets avoid that!!
Avoid sleeping on the back – most probably half the people you know would have told you that already! The reason being – the extra weight of you uterus will come on your spine. And that will reduce the blood flow in and out of the uterus. Also, it will add to your already existing back ache!!
Sleep on the sides! Left side is considered to be the best. It is believed that the uterus has the tendency to rotate right during pregnancy, and sleeping on left, brings it to the centre – aiding the blood flow in and out of the uterus with more ease!!


You will invariably waddle! Your body weight distribution has been changed a bit and the centre of gravity is failing to hold on. But you will have to be careful and watch your step! Walk slowly and walk firmly! The one thing my doctor said – You can work till whenever you want! But you simply can’t fall!!! So tripping and falling – these are not options in life anymore..

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