#12 Annoying things that are normal in the third trimester!

Just when you were smoothly sailing in your pregnancy through your second trimester; suddenly one day the boat rocked a bit and then instantly things got a little difficult!! A long list of physical complaints has filled your head! And you wonder whether all this is normal or are these some signs. Your mind is anyways panicking all the time with various fears, apprehensions and anxieties – about the delivery, post-delivery care, child care and a lot more. And then your body adding to your trouble!!
But let me assure you that half the things that you are going through are signs that everything is pretty good with you and the baby. And almost all the women who have been pregnant have gone through it. This is not going to relieve you of your complaints.. But ‘reassurance that everything is fine’ is a good mental medicine and cures half the issues in the world.
1. Lower Abdomen Aches, Cramps, Occasional spells of sharp, shooting pain!
Your baby is growing and so the weight of the uterus is increasing, which is causing the lower abdomen skin and muscles to stretch as also bear the weight – leading to all those aches.
2. Fatigue: There are sudden bursts of fatigue, instantly followed by boosts of energy. Even eating a meal can get you tired. And just two minutes of lying down will instantly make you feel better. Eat well and eat frequently. Never let the body feel it is going to be food deprived! That way it will try to not react like that so often!
3. Heartburn: Whether you have had spicy stuff or just plain Khichdi – anything and everything is leading to acidity and heartburn? Then don’t blame the cook or your cooking style. It is just that the growing size of the uterus is pushing everything upwards – leading to this constant feeling of heart burn. Sip a cup of cold milk – will help you feel better. Also, don’t lie down immediately after your meal – take some time – probably a few rounds of the house – to let you food go down a little and settle!
4. Frequent Urination: Back are those days when you will constantly feel the need to pee. Cant blame the bladder! There is so much weight on it already. Even a little bit of liquid accumulates and it can hurt! So much so that at times you might sneeze and there will be a leak down there. Don’t be embarrassed and don’t be surprised – it is the most common thing to happen! Wear a panty liner while stepping out (if that makes you feel more secure! )
5. Back Aches: There are a lot of factors leading to back aches – Your heavy uterus, pregnancy hormones and your sleeping position. Avoid sleeping on the back – not only will it give you a back ache but also reduce the blood flow in and out of the uterus. This is the final round of enjoying some soothing massages from your partner – go for it!
6. Leaky Breasts: It is just your body’s way of telling you that all the organs are gearing up and are almost ready to welcome the baby!
7. Varicose Veins: Your legs are going through over loading and your blood vessels are pumping extra blood – there are certainly going to be varicose veins. If they have appeared only now, they will be gone after the pregnancy don’t you worry!
8. Swelling: Legs, Hands, Feet, Ankles, Fingers and even the face on most mornings – Do they swell? It is because of water retention. Can’t help much! Don’t give up on drinking water inspite of the frequent urination is all you can do!
9. Stretch Marks: Ever since you got pregnant, the one thing that you had been dreading all through – the stretch marks! Now is the time when suddenly your tummy is going to multiply manifold and those marks are going to appear because of the stretching of the skin. Keep it moisturised all the time is all you can do – and then brace them – they are mere reminders of such a miracle you pulled through. Don’t shy away from them! That won’t help!
10. Contractions in the Uterus: These are called Braxton Hicks contractions. You will feel sudden cramps in the Uterus – at times they will be unbearably strong. It is the body’s way for preparing you for the real cramps. Don’t worry – it is just a sign that should reassure you that things are going fine – every organ is gearing up to put up the best show when the time is right for the baby to come out.
11. Dreams: I saw one where a crocodile attacked me in a classroom and I fooled it by pretending to be dead! Can it get funnier than that – How on Earth can you fool a crocodile, whose mouth is already around your leg that you are dead and it leaves you and heads ahead? So dreams it is! Weird as this or even better or worse! I don’t fathom the reason for the connection – but everyone invariably haves them. Very vivid and equally crazy dreams. Probably hang in a dreamcatcher on your bed – who knows that might just help!!
12. Waddling: You will grow in size at the maximum speed now and your body weight balance will lose it’s centre proportion. You will indeed waddle! So watch your step – take baby steps if need be – you can certainly not afford to fall!


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