Watch out for those Baby Movements!!

After so many months of waiting for the baby bump to show – finally I can feel the weight and see the curve!! Somehow it brings me closer to experiencing ‘motherhood’. Back then, in the first and the second month – you are still trying to convince yourself, without any solid, first-hand experience – that there is someone inside of you – someone who will command more love from you than anyone else, ever! But, it is the third trimester that brings you up close with those feelings – each time the baby kicks, turns, moves – you feel it. You are convinced life exists! And more so, because the child responds to you also – Each time you try to talk, she tries to listen! Each time you touch, she kicks you back! Each time you want to feel the love, she loves you back! And together, you two conspire to create this beautiful world of yours, in the years to come – as a unit, as a family. Of course, the father is a part of it – but there is some exclusive exchange of love between the mother and child – the one that will last forever and ever!!
And as much are these movements signs of ‘love’ – they are ‘messages of assurance’ that things are fine inside! And you have to carefully watch out for them. As a mother, it is your responsibility to keep a track of all these movements inside. If for a few hours, you don’t feel anything – it is time to act! Don’t ever assume that the baby is peacefully sleeping – let’s not disturb!
With the slightest of doubt, first do your basic check and then immediately consult the doctor if no more response.
What is a basic check? 
Eat something and then lie down on the left side. Ideally, within two hours the baby should move at least a ten times minimum. If it is less than that – hit the alarm in your head and immediately inform your doctor.
The doctor may ask you to do a few tests depending on your situation. There are mainly three kinds of advance tests:
1. Non Stress Test: This is a test to measure the cardiac activity of the foetus.
2. Contraction Stress Test: This is basically to check if the foetus is coping with the contractions peacefully or no.
3. Biophysical Profile: This is an ultrasound test which has many parameters to check – from the breathing activity to the gross body movements to muscle movements and so on.
If you act in time, you can help the doctor evaluate the situation faster and curtail any damage (if at all any exists!)..
(I am keeping this information to the basic and not dwelling much into detail! We, as mere patients and mothers – shouldn’t over think or analyse – leave that to the doctors! This piece is just for basic information!)

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