Third Trimester: Your final chance at some indulgence!!!

You have come a long way – once you were this little girl with two pony tails, then you became the rock chick with black nail polish, then you chose to take your work seriously, then you explored the other sex and dated a few of them, then you zeroed down on this one person, after some months or years you exchanged some vows with him, and now you are carrying a child – soon to be a mother. Life has certainly come a long way. So much has changed over the years. Your priorities, your thinking, your decisions in life – all has gone through major metamorphosis time and again. And if you are in the third trimester, life is once again going to take a steep turn in just a few months. Once the baby is out, life can never go back to anything as before. So while you are still on this side of time, there are a few things you should indulge in. Because you do not know when will you get to experience that again.
This is not just sleep well or sleep as much as you can. This is about sleep whenever and how much ever you feel like while you are still the master of your sleep. Soon, the power will be handed over to someone else – and he or she will decide when and how long you can sleep. You will be at the mercy of the little one, whether you will be even granted a good few hours at the night or no – forget taking naps through the day at your will!
Plan a day to spend at the salon at leisure. Get your hair cut, hair spa, pedicure, manicure, facial clean up – whatever you fancy! You may not have this luxury in a few months. Either you will book cut-to-cut appointments at the baby’s sleeping time or call someone over for some basic grooming at home. But all the hair spas and fancy nails are not going to be on your priority list mind you. So while you are still in love with yourself above others – indulge! Soon someone is going to take that prime spot in your life.
Soon you will have a little one tagging along with you wherever you go. So catch up with your girl gang – laugh, gossip, bitch – do whatever you wish to do.
This you may not do for a couple of years now actually (Unless you are the kinds who would like to take your little one to the cinema hall to disturb others around you!). The father may still find ways to catch up on the latest releases with his friends, you might not have that luxury – the baby always demands more from the mother than the father.


If you love cooking and are the kind who often calls over friends or family over elaborate menus, specially cooked by you –  Here is your chance – do it now! Because for a few months after your delivery – you are going to dread even thinking about it. Then treats will mean calling food over or asking your cook to make some routine course. You spending a few hours – simply chopping finely, then grinding special spices, cooking elaborately, garnishing with extra care and then serving in style – will seem like an extension of your personality that has given up on you now.

Your husband is not running away anywhere. But an exclusive romantic date may seem like a thing of another lifetime soon. Those breast feeding sessions, followed by changing of nappies is going to keep you busy for quite a while. Book a nice romantic venue, and go for one extremely romantic candle-lit dinner date with your husband. (I’d say go for as many as possible!!)
Either you may be advised against it or will be scared to do it yourself – Sex that is! But there is lot more to love making.. Put some music, light some aroma candles – enjoy each other’s company. Soon there will be just the hushed and rushed sessions – let the love find its expression while it’s just the two of you in the room.



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