Some third trimester terms: Braxton Hicks Contractions

There are these certain terms that are only within the reach of today’s generation – thanks to the number of books they read and the ever so accessible and informative world of internet. If I ask my mother or any of the aunts – they would wonder what the hell am I talking about. Though they must have all experienced it during their pregnancy – but none would have known that there is a term like this and that it is also so famous.
Braxton Hicks Contractions: They are nothing but sporadic contractions in the Uterus – the ones that occur through the nine months of pregnancy at irregular intervals and intensities – before the actual labour contractions begin! Most women don’t even realise that they are contractions and they did follow some pattern. It is much later in the third trimester, that these contractions pick up momentum and appear at regular intervals – often even confusing the mother whether it is the sign of labour!
They have this name because they were reported about for the first time by Dr. Hicks.

What do I really need to know about them?
– What to do when they are extremely painful?
There is hardly much you can do in these things – these are ways in which the body is gearing for baby birth. But a hot water bath is invariably a good soothing options for half the problems in pregnancy. It just helps you relax. Also, dehydration is often responsible for multiplying the affect of all kinds of cramps – so ensure you are drinking enough water. Try to distract the mind – walk around the house, watch TV, do some other activity. Breathing exercises – develop your own mechanism around breathing. Take deep breathes – count them – concentrate on them! This will not only help you now, but will also come to your rescue during your labour.
– When to ring an alarm and call the Doctor?
Anything that feels unbearable should be reported. Then even if the doctor has to tell you it is alright, its ok. Better reported than not! Also, if any unusual discharges from the vagina accompany the cramps – you should report to your doctor without fail.


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