New mothers on Home Arrest! We still found you ways to shop!!!

New mother in India?? Most often, first forty days you are going to be forbidden from stepping out of the house. There will be a new life around you – Those tiny little fingers and twinkling eyes. Your ultimate new companion! And there will be so much to shop for him or her. But no one is letting you out. Even for daily necessities like the diapers you will have to rely on your husband or some family member. Anywhere else in the world you would have stocked up in advance. But as per the oldest fables heard, you are not allowed that either. Too much celebration or preparation in advance seem to bring bad omen. So once again, your plan to shop for your child is going to fail. And even if you did belong to those families who didn’t believe in these things – there were few things you still didn’t know –  boy or a girl. So what about all those gender specific dressing up ideas? 
But then..
How about some home found Jugaad of a solution! 
SHOPPING ONLINE – Sitting right in your room with your little one. Trust me, shopping online is so convenient and needless to say that it has the widest range of things on offer. 
Just the other day I went to a local shop to pick up ‘breast pads’ and the sales girl looked at me as though I had asked her for something from another planet! Even for things like these – that are probably not a common practise in India and hence not easily available everywhere – you can rely on the internet to come to your rescue. Online portals stock up almost everything under the sun. And with new designers and small scale entrepreneurs propping up everyday – getting unique, customised stuff online is equally easy. 
All you need to know is ‘Where to look for?’
Bumpy Miracle is extensively going to work on the ‘Shopper’s Paradise‘ section this month (It is in a way my personal online research getting recorded for everyone’s use!) where I will list down all possible online solutions for you and your baby – during pregnancy, after delivery, new born, as a toddler, while growing up or ever in life 😉

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