Shifting in the middle of your pregnancy

As the Indian culture and it’s common practise goes – Half the women tend to deliver at their mother’s house instead of their husband’s. The Indian society’s age old partiality against the daughter-in-law must have probably started this practise where the woman feels more relaxed when at her own place – where she can rest without being guilty or eat whatever she wants and simply laze around in the last few days of her pregnancy. Yes, she would miss her husband by her side; but then there will be a whole lot other than him to take care of her and pamper her – typically make her ‘halwa’ with lots of ghee in it!!! (Not that this is the only best thing in the world – but still the most common practise here).
No this is not a post to crib about the bias that holds true in our society. It is about preparing to shift base in the middle of the pregnancy. Whatever be your reason, the preparation and the packing will be the same. There will be things, the previous generation will fail to anticipate – and you will certainly need.

1. First things first – Don’t ever only rely on what others tell you – pack your stuff yourself and according to your sensibilities. You may be accustomed to using a few things in your life which they don’t.  
(For eg. It is winter time and you are sure you will need your foot scrubber. And someone may tell you that it is unnecessary and you may not even have the time to use it. But, who knows – what if your feet crack up, rub against the bedsheets and irritate you each night; and then you repent that you should have carried that foot scrubber. )
2. Second most important – Don’t worry about the number of bags and the size of those bags. You are going to need a thousand of those tiny little things and better pack it all now than send someone else running to fetch it for you later. 
It is better to be prepared yourself. Now is the time you can still compare two products yourself and make the final call about what you want to chose. If you are going to rely on others to do it for later – you will also have to rely on others to chose the brand or colour for you too. (For e.g.. You wanted soft cotton stay free sanitary pads and someone thinks better to get you extra absorbent whisper. You can’t protest because they will think they have got you a better option and you can’t use because you are the only one who understands what soft cotton means to you. )
3. Remember to pack section wise – that will help you to avoid missing out on anything. 

Major Sections in the contents of your packing:
a) Things you will need through the remaining part of the pregnancy – clothes, toiletries, medicines, other supplements, your personal must haves – home slippers or water sipper.
b) Things you will need in the Hospital – check out the Hospital bag post for the detailed list.
c) Things you will need as you come back home post delivery – clothes that aid the postpartum you – feeding and bleeding, toiletries, medicines, other supplements, stock of sanitary pads.
d) Documents – Your medical files, your KYC documents at the time of child birth for the birth certificate and insurance papers (if any); you credit cards and cheque book for the big payments.
e) Things for your entertainment – Tab or books or movies in a pen drive or music in your phone or  your camera or anything else (You may have developed a new found love for crochet or embroidery – then ensure that you don’t lose touch with that)
f) Food for thought section (If there have been some food items you have craved and relished for all this while – don’t forget to carry a stock along. Your favourite chocolates or coffee or green tea or munchies or anything.)
g) Special New Age baby stuff or things you think you will need around the baby (especially the one you have seen in your city and are not sure you will get in the one where you are shifting) – Some quirky rompers or swaddle zipper or something as basic and odd as plastic gloves or boxes to store all the baby stuff or baby mosquito repellant or anything that you have ever thought of and are not sure whether you will get it in the new city.
h) One-off stuff – You are going to be away for a substantial time – some or the other festival will come in. If not, there will always be some ceremony in your or your baby’s honour. Remember to carry one saree, one heavy salwar kameez, one nice dress, some jewellery and makeup.
4. There will always be a list of things you will have to shop locally (Obviously you can pack generously but still not pack the entire globe you know!) 
Be prepared – do your research in advance. Try and check out all those applications that give you  door step delivery and make a list of things you would probably order once you reach there. You may not carry a tub for your child’s bath, but that could be one of those things you order by the time you reach the end – you are certainly going to need it and there mostly may not be one at the new house.

5. Understand in advance how you are going to chose your gynaecologist there. 
The most important part of your pregnancy journey is going to be taken care of by the new doctor – Your much awaited, much anticipated, much dreaded and most important –  DELIVERY!! Do your research and chose confidently. If you have any inhibitions or doubts once you meet the doctor – there is still time – change your choice. It is very important that you can blindly trust that person to do the most important procedure of your life ever.


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