Top Ten New Terms/Theories/Products/Conditions to learn overnight for New Mothers!

There is so much activity happening in the Universe that one is simply unaware of until he or she intentionally sets out to experience all the new facets of life. Similarly, there is an entire new world on the other side of a pregnancy, and it can be experienced only once you cross the bridge. And in this new world are a lot of new ‘terms’ and ‘theories’ that one learns, almost over night; and then a few days later wonders how these new words or terms or phrases or theories now suddenly rule my life.

Here are the Top Ten ‘New Terms’ or ‘New theories’ that New Mothers come across and adapt to almost overnight:

  1. The right order to what is ‘better than’ what – Breast feeding > Top Feed (Formula Milk) > Cow Milk > Buffalo Milk – So there is no denial that breast feeding is the best of all. But in the race amongst all the top feeds, there is a debate – doctors support formula milk and our elders will vouch for cow milk with water. As far as possible try avoid them all and stick to ur own milk. So amongst all this, the new term that you stumbled upon is – ‘top feed’!
  2. Exclusive breast feeding (EBF) –  to be practised for ideally six months, where the baby just feeds on the mother’s milk. Mind you, not even water is needed. The breast milk has it all.
  3. Swaddling – is covering the baby with a cloth in such a manner that it gives the baby the right amount of warmth and a sense of comfort – a little like that in the womb.

    My little one’s first swaddle!
  4. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – This one is a little scary. I was so dreaded by its existence that every few minutes I would check if the baby is still breathing in the first one month. Slowly that fear subsides, but in the beginning it is quite difficult.
  5. Co sleeping v/s cot sleeping : So it’s the debate between making the baby sleep next to the mother or making the baby sleep in the cot or cradle. I was so afraid of SIDS that I just couldn’t let my baby sleep in the cradle. So I am the one who fully vouches for co sleeping. And I also believe that it makes the mother child breast feeding journey also easier and the bond stronger.
  6. Colic: Oh my God.. this one can be really testing. If you are one of those whose child is seriously suffering from colic, you can just simply pray to God and wait for this phase to pass. Because other than that there is nothing much you can really do. Yes, there are home remedies and medicines as well, and I have an entire post about it; but they all help till a point. Beyond that it is just the calm you and the passing time that will really make the difference.
  7. Burping your child: Now this one is really funny – ‘burping’ suddenly gets this elevated status in the lives of every new parents. They give it so much importance that one can wonder if they ever flaunt their own burps like that. Jokes apart – yes, burping the baby after every feed is important. Sometimes the child doesn’t give that sound, but then holding him around in the erect position for a while is very important.
  8. There is a world of new equipments you never knew existed – waiting for you to neck dive into: Breast pump, bottle steriliser, etc. Expecially – the breast pump – what an innovation! Kuddos to the man or woman who thought of it! I must look up for who this person is and give him or her some due credit in a separate blog.
  9. Baby weaning: When the child transitions from only breast milk or milk to foods (liquids, semi solids or solids) – the transition is called baby weaning. One could have simply asked ‘has you child started eating food’ but no! We have a term for that!
  10. Post-partum depression – Yes, in the stressful times that we are living in – there is one more type of depression that is rampant. Modern day, new mothers are coming to its prey and going through a lot of trouble. So beware!!!

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