New mother’s strategy to maintain sanity!

Sitting there alone in an empty house with only a child, who hardly communicates beyond crying, for company – can sometimes be quite mind-numbing. Yes, he is your little one, your little munchkin, your bundle of joy, your epicentre of life, your hopes, your dreams, your only source of unadultered love – yet there are times when she is not enough. There is some other sort of a stimulation that your mind and body is craving for.

What is it that you are really craving for?

  • Some mental stimulation – some adult talk about where the world or the economy or terrorism is heading? And which way should you head in your personal life? Managing finances and decoding GST and stuff like that.
  • Some emotional venting – Once a go-getter, known for her night outings or fierce work personality; now is a doting mother – it took a lot of patience and then some more self motivation to calm down and sit back home – obviously someone needs to listen to one rant – One really need to let at least someone know how it feels to either abandon it all or multitask it all (al most killing yourself).
  • Some sexual undercurrent – Gone are the days when sex was the only thing to do between two people, but at least the undercurrent should come back – the fact that there is more to the two of you than just taking turns in cleaning the nappies.
  • Above it all, a minute of free mind space – where you do not have to think of anything, anyone, any to do list, any new milestone calender, anything at all. Just watch your breath and lie down to surrender to nothingness.

But, you are in this situation, where you can have none. What the hell do you do? 

  1. You do the small-small things you can do that can make you happy – may be these whole lesser significance but trust me they will bring a lot of joy nevertheless. 
  2. You can make nutella sandwiches for yourself, while preparing some puree for the little one.
  3. You can put your little one in the high chair with his favorite toy and quickly apply a nail paint and feel good about it.
  4. You can call a friend over, ask her to either drive or take care of the baby while you are driving; and head out for a long drive – play some music that you like, keep the windows open and stop directly at the beach.
  5. Put the baby in the stroller and head to the nearest park and start taking rounds – there is so much for the little one to explore while you walk that he won’t bother when your mind will slip off into the no-thought-just-walk zone.
  6. If your baby is sleeping, just sleep with him – no matter how many dishes await you in the kitchen – you just need to sleep.
  7. Take help from others, assign them duties, and sneak out or to the other room – and enjoy your cup of coffee without worrying what is happening out there – trust them – they are having a gala time.
  8. Sleep in the day (while the kid is sleeping) and take out an hour after the little one has finally slept for the day – to do something for yourself – write, read, watch a film, do some craftwork – something that makes you happy – not the daily chores (leave them untouched for the next day).
  9. Make a memory scrapbook to record everything that your child does – that will keep you motivated to be around all the time and not feel worthless – you are doing the most important thing of recording the firsts that will never happen again. So your mission is most important thing on the Earth at this point. 
  10. This one is funny and I am sure I don’t need to tell you to do this, because you must very well be doing it already – take it all out on your husband… he is your ultimate punching bag and he is in it with you. If you are taking care of the motherhood responsibility, pull him forward to be the ‘understanding’ husband. There may be times when he will fight, but sooner or later he will get it.. and then he will try to make up for it and that will be so much fun.. 

So here is my list, but do share yours; because every once in while I am still falling short of ideas to motivate myself. 


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