All those weighty issues before, during & after pregnancy!

Me and ‘weight gain’ – we have long been ‘companions for life’. Though around the time, before my marriage; I did manage to knock of a few kilos – thanks to sleeve gastrectomy. And I was basking in it for quite a while.

And then one fine day, I got pregnant. And life turned around towards weight gain once again. (Though this time the weight gain was going to be a rather productive journey!)

So the story goes like this –

Sleeve_Gastrectomy_IllustrationWhat happens in the sleeve gastrectomy (in layman’s language) is that they reduce the size of your stomach – so you can eat only a small portion at one time. So you unconsciously take smaller meals throughout the day. And that triggers the weight loss. So what happened to me during my pregnancy because of that was that I was obviously still eating smaller portions through those nine months (when people are misinformed to eat for two!). And my weight gain wasn’t too drastic. Though by the end of it – I had gained almost 20 kgs. But during the course of my pregnancy, a friend of mine, whose pregnancy was also running parallel was gaining quite some weight! And more so – her weight gain was showing and my wasn’t. To the point that till almost five months people were not ready to believe that I was pregnant because it wasn’t showing. And even after that when it was showing, but not showing enough – I had these over concerned aunties remarking, “Pet dikhta hi nahi na tera!”.

At times, it would trouble me. I would wonder if it was effecting my baby’s growth – will my baby be undernourished? But when the ‘d’ day arrived, and this healthy gentle man stepped out of my womb; the entire family sighed in relief. He was weighing 3 kgs and quite tall for a new-born!!

That’s my fellow – just a few seconds after meeting me in the outsideworld !! 

So the point is – let no one (except your gynaecologist) tell you anything about your weight gain. Every body is different and every pregnancy is different. One must enjoy one’s journey and avoid comparing notes.

Someone may not gain as much weight as someone else. And don’t be too bothered about it. Because all this excitement to GAIN weight remains only while you are pregnant. Because very soon after you deliver you will not be too happy about the weight gain you had been proudly flaunting. And to add to your trouble, there will be these ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’ pictures of weight-loss post delivery being flashed in your face to make things worse for you.

I didn’t even have to try too hard to find this on google!

Soon all the body shaming will follow – not only by others, but by your own self. And one must really guard oneself and her peace of mind. Not that workout or yoga or walks are harmful – rather if you can make out time for them – then in fact it is the best thing you can do for yourself to retain your sanity. But if the delayed weight-loss post pregnancy or the bulging tummy is driving you towards insanity – then you need to be careful and weigh all the other perks of life. And more so, if you will be sincerely breastfeeding, weight loss won’t be much of an issue anyways. And some weight gain is like the experience that comes with life – only makes you wiser and more beautiful. So all you yummy mummies – never be conscious of your scars or your stretch marks or the fat gain.. After all – you gain some and you lose some and life goes on….


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