A sad farewell to my Son’s Bather..

There are days when I feel really grateful to Nature and Time for making me a mother in these times or rather this generation. Sometimes for bigger priviliges like ‘Freedom of Choice’ or ‘Gender Equality’ or ‘Understanding Parents & Partner’ and sometimes for the sake of convenience that I have now, which probably someone even a decade ago didn’t have. Simple things like Amazon (where all your baby products are just a click away, waiting to be delivered to your doorstep) or WhatsApp (where mommy groups made my motherhood journey more comforting) or some unique baby products (that weren’t probably available in India or generally were not invented a few years back).

One such thing, I am really grateful for is my son’s bather.

My son on the bather looking at his father talking to him! 

Massagewali Aunty and my LO

As the usual practise in most families in India goes – the first few days, I had a Maalishwali Aunty coming home to give me and the little one a massage and bath. Though now this concept of having the baby’s massage done by someone else is highly debated. Earlier it was a common practise. And I gave in to the family’s request. And fortunately she was very good! But this was when I was surrounded by everyone and pampered after having just delivered. But soon the party was over and I returned back to my house (which I share with my husband and now our son).

Now the question was what to do? Hire someone for the massage & bath or do it myself?

I decided to go ahead with doing it myself. But, me – a plus size momma, with really long legs, found the posture that the aunty has in the picture while giving him a bath, a rather uncomfortable option for me and my son. And so the first thing I invested in was the ‘BATHER’. (Needless to mention, I ordered it online – via Amazon dearest!!). And the bather immediately came to our rescue. Almost instantly my son bonded with it. So much so that ‘bathing time’ was no longer bonding time for Momma and son – even the Dadda participated willingly.

But today, after serving my son as his most loyal companion (accompanying him to all the places he has ever stayed in); breathed his last – while still on duty. Our mistake – we had been using it – way beyond the weight limit they mention on the box (so much we loved it). Though I will not recommend anyone else to do so (your child could get hurt if it breaks and he or she falls off). But we just loved it so much, we couldn’t part with it.

So much so that I affectionately dedicate this post to it..

Mr. Bather, you will be dearly missed!!! Love!! xoxo – Bumpy Miracle’s Momma!!


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