Taharrush Jamai – It makes my blood boil and heart toil !!!!

I came across this extremely atrocious article on a practise where women are openly raped – Taharrush Jamai.

Link to the Article from www.thehumanitarian.in

It just shook me up so much – I had to make it a part of this blog. Though this has nothing to do with pregnancy or parenting as such. But it has a lot to do with what we want to cultivate in the Gen-Next.

Is this how we are always going to see women? As objects of petty pleasures.. As a weaker sex which was sent to this planet for the men to abuse, attack, lust, celebrate. Have they nothing solid in their purpose of existence that we always bring it down to something like this?

When will we start believing that both the genders have a unique purpose to serve on this planet – none claiming any superiority over the other – and certainly none exploiting the other on the basis of their physical strength or age old social practices and power distribution?

Earlier these kind of articles would scare me – what if I become a victim of something like this? But today, when I am pregnant with a life inside me – I am scared in a very different way.

What if I have a daughter tomorrowhow will she survive in this world like this? 

What if I have a son tomorrowhow will I bear it if he turns out to be a monster like this?

Will I have any control over how the lives of my children will shape up to be? Will I have any control on what they chose to be their ideals and theories in life?

Thoughts like these take away my sleep these days. Where is the world heading? And where will me and my family head along with it? War, calamities, communal violence, terrorism and worst of all – humans losing their humanity completely.

Should I have got pregnant then? Do I need to add a life to this world, which is decaying and coming to a misfortunate, disastrous end?

Do we even have these answers I wonder….


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