Let’s not add one more monster to the World!

Lately, every few days a news comes up where an inhuman, heniuos, unpardonable, monstrous, ghastly, shameful, shocking (don’t get enough adjectives to express how strongly I condemn it) violent act is performed against innocent children, either in their school or daycare or by some relative or just generally. The latest being the Ryan International School one. And this time it is not just hitting or sexual harrassment or rape or kidnapping (not that these are acceptable acts); it was a cold blooded murder – where the murdered slit the throat of the kid. I am not even putting up those pictures here, because I dread to see them one more time around. 

What must be the murderer thinking? Or does he has the ability to think at all? Forget thinking, doesn’t he feel anything? When he looked into the eyes of the kid, that one last time, before he made that slit on the throat – what did he feel? Not even once did he think why is this innocent, little boy at the receiving end of my anger? I am not sure if this is anger really! This is something else! This is monstrous! Humans are loosing their soul, so to say! One is born to experience infinite love & get promoted to understand the higher truths of life. And here we are, going backwards… Infact this is not even backwards, this is some other world altogether. We are heading towards destruction may be.

Whatever it may be, but me, a new parent; has been deeply affected by it. It has threatened my existence in a way. One wonders whether to send your child to school or no. But the way things are heading – what is the guarantee that the child is safe in your own house? Nothing.

I guess all we can do is stay positive and inculcate positivity in your children at least. You cannot change the world, but you can atleast be the positive change in your family or closed group. If you can’t protect at least you can ensure that your child is not the one doing it. Because I am a strong believer of the observation that most abnormal behaviours in adults have their roots in their childhood. So, along with trying to ensure that I provide enough external safety for my kid; what I will do more strongly is ensure that he is happier & safer within himself. Because we already have enough monsters in this world, lets not add one more!

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