What will I do should my kids behave this way???

Each time a child visits my place, my mental diary starts taking notes of what behaviour trait of that child can be there in my child and what can certainly not be there.
Today’s post is mainly about what behaviour of kids I absolutely detest and will kill myself if my child ends up doing any or all of those things.
  • ‘Aap Gande Ho (You are a dirty person!)’ – The minute someone scolded this tiny niece of mine, she would declare, “Aap Gande Ho”. Someone denying her their phone or someone just saying the matter of fact – ‘Aap ke Papa mere bhaiya hain’ – And her patent winning reply is “Aap Gande Ho” I looked at my husband and he instantly shared the same observation and feeling. Our child if he or she ever uttered ‘Aap Gande Ho’ – Either I’ll kill or I’ll die!!
  • Wanting to play games on other people’s phones or tablets or iPads! First things first – I want to save my child from this video game frenzy (God only knows how I will do it in times when every other kid is only glued to their parents’ phone or gadgets!). And secondly – never ever will he or she beg and plead or worse cry for other people’s phones. Someone’s phone is after all someone’s phone. How can a kid randomly claim to play on it and parents sit and watch. I have no major attachment with my phone, but there are a lot of people I know who love their phones rather too dearly to see it slip out from the hands of a kiddo who they can’t even scold for having done that.
  • Get into the investigation mode the minute they get into someone’s house and then start claiming their right over playing with the artefacts they have carefully placed in the various nooks and corners of the house. How would you feel if you suddenly find the kid playing with the pendrive that had some important official data and he dips it in the aquarium in your hall? Never mind.. Don’t stress. It’s not always that bad!
  • Get into someone’s kitchen to beg for food as if they have never been fed anything ever. For this one I had an instant answer in my head – Carry a tiffin for them anywhere they go. So they are so used to eating from their own tiffin that they never look out for food outside. If they are offered and they eat – it’s different.
  • In the middle of a serious scene or a love scene in the cinema hall – he or she will ask – “Mumma yeh log kya kal lahe hain? (Momma what are they doing?)” —— Hello!!!! Why will my child even be in the cinema hall watching a serious or erotic film in the first place?!? Exactly my point! Why do parents bring their kids to cinema halls – Is it to torture others in the cinema hall or is it their secret idea to embarrass and torture their spouses?? Because certainly the kid is not going to let you watch the film peacefully. So why are you even attempting in the first place.
  • Become M F Hussain on someone else’s canvas (Wall I mean!)!! Oh! How I will kill myself that minute if we go to someone’s house warming party and my child scribbles on the wall with the pen he or she finds placed near the study table or somewhere! Somethings should be made clear – When in other people’s houses, there is a certain way to behave! And you cannot not follow those rules!
  • Push the poor hosts to gift their beloved things. At times kids do this trick rather too smartly – They just hold on to what they have been given to play and then not part with it only – compelling the host to finally say, “You can take it home, it is yours!” The one thing I want to train my kids for sure is to come and tell me about everything they want and believe that their mother will get it for them. So they certainly don’t have to force others to gift it to them.
  • The little one who was sweet like a fairy has suddenly turned into a monster – big angry eyes, looking straight at me, arguing at the top of her voice, throwing a tantrum and creating a big scene – embarrassing the mother to no end and compelling her to give in to the kid’s demand that very minute. (I thought in my head that the mother wanted to slap the child or probably she would have if no one was seeing!)
There are still always going to be some remarks by them or some actions of them that are going to embarrass us as parents. As kids do not know how to fake it, and there will be some honest innocent opinions or actions of theirs that might not be so cool! But that is a different story. That is a given!!
What I get annoyed the most about is when it is in our control and we as parents, are so lazy to put in the effort to inculcate some good behaviour in our kids.
Let us all hope and pray and try and form a system where we inculcate only good behaviour in our kids. And leave the rest to destiny!!


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