Our #LittleMonster

One fine day, we found the news;

Another finer day, he kicked and proved;

Another finest day, he jumped out and cried to be alive!


Our life changed, when this #LittleMonster arrived;

Our routine changed according to his mighty wish;

Our priorities changed, almost overnight;

making us more responsible of our resources and more!


Our bundle of joy, our little munchkin, this one cutie #littlemonster

Crawls all over the house, creating a mess;

His toys, kitchen’s utensils, all the doormats and my dear handicrafts

They are all surviving at his mercy!


Little do they complain or do we! Because he is our boss, our master!

And we love him selflessly and so does he..

His dripping kisses, his free-spirited hugs, his ravenous bites;

we crave for them all, more often when he is asleep actually!


He smiles in his dreams and we long to see that smile,

He mutters a few random words and our ears are all for it,

He is beginning to walk on his own and we are his cheerleaders..


Life changed over night, we never valued moments as much before;

Our life was a race and now we have jumped off it to breathe!

Our little monster is the centre of our life, and we are loving it!


Attempted a poetry after a long time!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge! 

#writebravely #writetribeproblogger





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