Channa Mereya – Now the father of my child!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge! And I have tuned on to one of my latest favourite songs – Channa Mereya. 

Each time I listen to this song, I am instantly exported to the time when I used to listen to it on a loop. Last year, this song came out when I was in the last stage of my pregnancy. Sleep had eluded me, anxiety was trying to get hold of me, my body was fit as ever but my mind was overworked – it was getting prepared for the most important and landmark event of my life. My boyfriend of 8 years, whom I was married later and with whom I was creating a baby – was away for a shoot – and I was left to deliver our first child together on my own. Since almost a decade, I hadn’t done anything without him being there around. And when I needed him the most, he was not going to be there. And I had to prepare myself to put up with this arrangement. And that was the time when I used to listen to this song on my phone all the time.

The lyrics spoke of a separation of a very different kind, but still they would soothe me. It was the melody I guess – but it was empowering me each time I heard it. And luckily, we had a rather smooth delivery. Even after the delivery, everything was pretty normal – the latch, the breastfeeding journey, the sleep patterns – everything. It was as though the son was aware of his father’s absence and didn’t want to trouble his mother unnecessarily.

After almost a month, the father arrived. For me, it was a more emotional moment than the day I delivered. May be I saved up my emotions so that I could share it with him, when he finally met us.

5 X 7
This was my picture perfect memory of the father son union and my love for them both in the form I can express the best – words!!



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  1. This was a truly magical song… one of the best from last year. Really did touch one’s heart. Glad it’s associated with a happy memory for you


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