I started writing this blog on pregnancy and motherhood almost four years back. Took a couple of breaks in the middle, but it always called me back. Honestly, when I started it was more about being the anxious, pregnant woman who was finding her way to be productive through a pregnancy that demanded her to stop doing the work she was doing before. And very randomly, I happened to name it ‘Bumpy Miracle’. It was an unplanned pregnancy and I guess that’s why I preferred to call it a miracle.

It took me four years to finally understand where I want to take this blog. Why it was named ‘Bumpy Miracle’? And where will it eventually head!

Little did I know when I was pregnant, that life after the delivery is going to be THIS different? I was going to be this different? 

The most significant change in me after becoming a mother is that I have become more conscious as a person. I am conscious about my thoughts, my breathing and my actions. It started very early on, when my child would have these colic attacks on some evenings. I learned to be conscious about the way I breathed. The way my thoughts went, the way my body moved and the way I was breathing – my child was receptive to all of that. And it was uncanny in a way. If I would panic inside, the child would panic. And if I would calm down, the child would calm down. Something in me evolved with this realisation. And I decided that I am going to lead a more mindful life henceforth. And let me tell you, when you do that, you are empowered with a certain sense, what they call the mother’s instinct to sometimes even anticipate when your child is going to fall ill.

Either you relate to what I am saying or you don’t. In either case, follow my journey so I can tell you more in detail about what I mean when I stress on #MindfulParenting. I am happy I named it ‘Bumpy Miracle’ because my child’s entry into my life miraculously opened a new dimension to my very being. I was always a skeptical person when it came to spirituality. May be, because I was raised in an over religious family. But, it is only now, that I realise that you can never run too away from knowing what really lies beneath this layer of matrialistic existence. And when you tap into that reserviour of free flowing energy, it makes you look at everything differently. And with this blog I am going to throw some light on mindful parenting that not only affects the physical being of a child but also nourishes his or her soul within.

Just to leave behind a question to ponder upon,

“As a mother, are you defined by the activities you do with your child today or with the way your child turns into an adult someday?”



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