Weight Management during and after Pregnancy

‘Weight Management’ and all the noise around it is so loud that I can’t help but write yet another blogpost around my ‘weighty’ issues. I had written the first one right after the birth of my first child which spoke about embracing your unique body and not getting bothered by any sort of body shaming or comparisons. Though the essence of that post still remains relevant, this one is being composed in a slightly different light. For someone who has been on the bigger side all her life, having heard a zillion nasty comments or unsolicited advice about the importance of weight loss and how to lose weight; it was natural for me to write a slightly defensive article about body shaming and embracing your curves. But, as you grow older, sometimes you get a little wiser ,’I was 80 kilos when I had conceived my first child and in that pregnancy I had gained almost 20 kilos, which never left my side even after a considerably long run of breast feeding. Of course, initially I had lost almost 10 kilos in the first month after the delivery, only to gain it back in the next one year when all my attention was taken by the new baby, leaving hardly any time or mind space for me to think about my body and especially my quietly tiptoeing weight gain. Though I have been 120kilos at some point in my life, closing in to the 100 kilos mark, gave me serious night mares. For days at end, I was constantly worrying about how to lose weight, how to eat less, how to cut sugar, how to work out more and so on. And the more I thought about all this, the more I would not be able to take out time to work out and would end up binge eating out of anxiety. 

It was only when I started following Rujuta Diwekar on the social media, that I realised that so far I had it all wrong. Her basic mantra of eat local, seasonal and traditional — resonated with me. For once, someone made me realise that I need not concentrate on losing weight, I just needed to change my lifestyle and weight loss, if needed, will follow. I stress on ‘if needed’ here because sometimes you might look heavier on the weighing scale but are healthier in body and flesh. And someone else, who looks ideal on the weighing scale actually has everything going wrong in the body. While the posters of the clothing brands always want you to focus on how the clothes and their silhouette fits your body; no one ever talks about immunity, strength, stamina or energy levels. Even for moods, they will normalise a host of medical disorders and give them fancy names, so that they can prescribe therapy and medicines to get various industries running. But no one will tell you that a healthy mind and a healthy body doesn’t look perfect on the scale or in your clothes, it’s an experience from within. And that comes only when you learn to balance your life, not running behind one thing or one fad or one diet. 

When life throws challenges at you, if your body and mind are working for you, without adding to your trouble then you have it going right for you. Don’t be bothered about ‘fitting in’ the fancy beachwear that you are not confident about wearing owing to your flesh or marks or scars. It doesn’t really matter in the real run. You haven’t missed out on anything if you don’t have a picture like that. But it will matter a lot if when the testing time knocks at the door, which it will someday or the other, your body can’t take a physical or mental shock and breaks down instead of giving you strength. All the wise men will ask you to remember, “I am not the body, I am not even the mind” only to make you realise that they — the body and the mind — must work for you and not against you. And for that, you need to ensure you keep them in the right shape. Not the shape that is flashed on the magazine covers but the shape that is uniquely yours; because in the bid to be like ‘them,’ we are losing our individuality. And human life is not about moving in mobs, it is about realising your unique inner self — your true self. They say that the winds of spirituality blow from the East. But sadly, for the people in East, they like it better when the winds take a whole circle and come from the West back to the East. 

Our culture has so much to offer to you for your mind and your body — to keep it balanced and healthy. But we will prefer following the idiotic Keto Diet and gulp down the dangerous bullet coffee. For my second pregnancy, for some odd reason in my head, probably guided by the Universe; I had become very conscious of what I put in my mouth or on my body. Though I will write a different blogpost about the shift to chemical free toiletries and cosmetics; with this one, I wish to highlight the measures I took in terms of my food habits and how that led to me putting on exactly 7 kilos through the pregnancy. So the pregnancy that started at 100 kilos, successfully delivered at 107 kilos with a 3.1kgs healthy baby popping out without the help of any external supplements for calcium or iron. I wouldn’t advice this to others, but I even skipped the Folvite dosage because I wanted to experiment by eating the way our grandmothers ate, who were never given any artificial supplements and still managed to produce a dozen children in one lifetime; remaining hale and hearty at the same time. And guess what, I was rather successful. 

  1. Yoga and Pranayam
  2. Oil pulling 
  3. Eating 4 home cooked heavy meals a day. 
  4. No Munching between meals — only fruits or nuts if needed
  5. Junk Food and Chocolates completely shut down.
  6. Bringing back traditional utensils – Iron Kadhai/Tawa for cooking; Earthen Matka and Copper bottle for water.
  7. Sourcing out authentic products — especially for Desi Cow Ghee, Filtered Oil and spices.
  8. Replaced regular salt with pink salt; and sugar with Mishri (Big chunks that you going to powder to use)
  9. 5+ Litres of water consumption every day. 
  10. Most important – Staying blissful with only positive and practical thinking.

P.S. After one month of my second delivery, I am still 95 kilos — obviously overweight! But, I had a healthy baby, sufficient breast milk production and a fast recovery for my body. Also, in spite of compromised sleeping hours, I have reasonably high energy levels throughout the day. And most importantly, when I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror, I find myself beautiful — my skin glowing and my body gradually getting back to my best shape. 

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