The real problem of the New-Age mothers!

A post about what really is the core problem a new-age mother faces (in terms of her life v/s the child) and whether that is what leads her to post partum depression.

Things to keep ready by the 8th Month!!! Its time; anytime now!!

  When we browse through the internet, we find a lot of blogs and Pinterest pictures that prepare us for our pregnancy and motherhood. But most of them are international writers. And that leads to cultural differences that we have to face while being in India and wanting to follow them. Indian culture and its... Continue Reading →

How many Indian men are willing to give their wives a massage?

Yes you read that right - How many INDIAN men are willing to give their wives a massage when she is pregnant or otherwise?? Why I stress on 'Indian' is because we are particularly a very patriarchal Nation. To that extent that women themselves are strong believers of some of these highly chauvinistic or patriarch... Continue Reading →

Dad-to-be, it’s all about being a good husband first!!

You wake up in the morning and can hear your husband doing the dishes in the kitchen. You shoot a sharp look at the clock on the side table. 'Oh Gosh! It's 7:30 already. I shouldn't have slept so long! He must be getting late and must be wanting his chai!! But why is he... Continue Reading →

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