What will I do should my kids behave this way???

Each time a child visits my place, my mental diary starts taking notes of what behaviour trait of that child can be there in my child and what can certainly not be there. Today’s post is mainly about what behaviour of kids I absolutely detest and will kill myself if my child ends up doing... Continue Reading →

A sad farewell to my Son’s Bather..

How a baby product becomes such an important part of your life - that parting with it feels so painful!!

New mothers on Home Arrest! We still found you ways to shop!!!

New mother in India?? Most often, first forty days you are going to be forbidden from stepping out of the house. There will be a new life around you - Those tiny little fingers and twinkling eyes. Your ultimate new companion! And there will be so much to shop for him or her. But no... Continue Reading →

Mission #Parenting!

"Tum gande bache ho!", "Pitai lagau??", "Paas mat aana mere, ab mummy tumse ekdum naraz hain - chale jao yahan se!" Do these sound familiar?? And at the same time repulsive?? There is always a lot of enthusiasm about welcoming the new member into the family around pregnancy - but soon that becomes a routine.... Continue Reading →

Being a true friend to your child!

This quote by Matt Walsh is the most honest thing I have ever read about 'Parenting' - Nobody wishes to be a bad parent, then why is it that some fail and only a handful succeed?   BUT.. WHAT REALLY IS SUCCESSFUL PARENTING?? => If your child comes first in class - is that when... Continue Reading →

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