Weight Management during and after Pregnancy

A post on ways to achieve a healthy body through a healthy mind's positive lifestyle changes.

“FOOD” for thought for Mothers!

This is going to be a very straight forward article coming from a mother who has struggled with keeping her own weight and eating habits at check all her life. I have always been the biggest child in every old photograph of mine. It took me a lot of years to understand and accept my... Continue Reading →

A Solution to ‘Disobedience’ – Talk to your child!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge! DAY #4 - #DISOBEDIENCE: That was today's prompt!! This was the only prompt I was facing the most difficulty drafting. I was at a loss of ideas to write about. I even did something I never do - surfed online to check... Continue Reading →

What will I do should my kids behave this way???

Each time a child visits my place, my mental diary starts taking notes of what behaviour trait of that child can be there in my child and what can certainly not be there. Today‚Äôs post is mainly about what behaviour of kids I absolutely detest and will kill myself if my child ends up doing... Continue Reading →

10 Things – a new mother should do for herself post delivery!

First one month - can be quite an overwhelming experience and one must learn to find some balance & time for herself. Here is a list of 10 things to do to retain your sanity.

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