How safe is the ‘Paracetamol’ in Pregnancy

Ever since I got pregnant, the one thing I have been afraid of is putting anything into my body that is not natural. Something as simple as a bleach on my face also I have avoided. Or eating outside food. Because I have been dreading falling sick like crazy. Since the day one, this thing... Continue Reading →

Third Trimester Terms: Baby Dropping or Lightening!

"Lightening/Engagement"¬†Illustration by Beth Okurowski from the book Pregnancy, Birth and You. What is a baby dropping or lightening? Almost towards the end of the third trimester, when the baby starts settling lower into the pelvis - it is called baby dropping or lightening. It is nothing but a positive sign that the baby and your... Continue Reading →

Some third trimester terms: Braxton Hicks Contractions

There are these certain terms that are only within the reach of today's generation - thanks to the number of books they read and the ever so accessible and informative world of internet. If I ask my mother or any of the aunts - they would wonder what the hell am I talking about. Though... Continue Reading →

Watch out for those Baby Movements!!

After so many months of waiting for the baby bump to show - finally I can feel the weight and see the curve!! Somehow it brings me closer to experiencing 'motherhood'. Back then, in the first and the second month - you are still trying to convince yourself, without any solid, first-hand experience - that... Continue Reading →

Who is your late night visitor?? A Leg Cramp!!!!

Welcome in the third trimester and welcome in the 'leg cramps'!! For some it may have started in the mid of second trimester and for some really lucky ones - they may not ever start. But for most of us - it is the third trimester that prepares us in a very painful, unnecessary and... Continue Reading →

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