Stressfree Parenting! Need of the Hour!

At a very young age, almost sixteen, I had decided that I want to quit all my preparations for IIT-JEE and pursue film making instead. And I was in it for the love of artistic expression and story telling; and not for the fame or riches. I was from Mumbai, but I had no contacts... Continue Reading →

6th October 2016: #Nostalgic & HOW!!

A post describing my most beautiful moment of life - giving birth to my son, Yuddhweer!

Why I wish I have a Baby Boy only!

An old lady, with hands trembling because of Parkinson's, slowly walked to her son who was seated on the sofa in the drawing room of their freshly furnished new house. There was a certain excitement in her eyes. Her 'bhajan mandali' friends were waiting outside the house for her, and she had come in to... Continue Reading →

Missing the heart and words to describe a ‘Miscarriage’!!

My earliest and the strongest and the most disturbing memory of one of my favourite books ‘The Vine of Desire' by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is the opening chapter of the book which describes Anju’s miscarriage in the most melancholic yet piercing expression through her beautifully woven words. Through the entire book, Anju suffered due to that loss,... Continue Reading →

Dear Stress, Lets Break Up! My Baby is sleeping!

There are times when you know you are probably overthinking to unnecessarily bother yourself and the little one inside! But you defend your actions, claiming that you are helpless and what is happening to you is beyond your control.  In pregnancy, there are basically two ways to fall in this harmful trap of 'stress'. Either... Continue Reading →

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