Modern Day mothers and their various issues (unspoken & unresolved)

Modern day mothers - bombarded with choices, judgements and post partum despression.

Sailing through Crisis as New Parents

A dear cousin of mine is going through a rather rocky beginning for his parenting journey. His son's head, owing to its size, was stuck in the passage for a bit longer than ideal and had to be helped to come out. But that trauma led to an incapacity in the child to cry or... Continue Reading →

My List of #10 Creative Things to do for New Mothers

Little did I know that on the other side of my pregnancy, there was an entire different world that was waiting to embrace me? Somehow I didn't realise then, that life was going to revolve around my little one, and so much so that I would even time my loo visits according to his schedule.... Continue Reading →

Decoding #Sleep #Patterns

A blog post about decoding sleep patterns in new borns or infants & quick tips about how to not lose your mind over it!

BABY COLIC: General & Personal account of tackling it! 

A post about the baby colic issue - observations, solutions and quicktips!

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