What #Kind of a Mother are you?

It is blog post reminding mothers of the most important hashtag they need to give themselves - #ResponsibleMother

Let’s not add one more monster to the World!

Lately, every few days a news comes up where an inhuman, heniuos, unpardonable, monstrous, ghastly, shameful, shocking (don't get enough adjectives to express how strongly I condemn it) violent act is performed against innocent children, either in their school or daycare or by some relative or just generally. The latest being the Ryan International School... Continue Reading →

Co-sleeping: Is that an option or the only option?

This is a post about how you can actually never tell your child a 'no' for sleeping next to you - it is almost like telling him or her a 'no' for loving you or needing you. Then why do we discuss co-sleeping as an option - is that really an option?

Personalised ‘Creative Environment’ for my child

I was filling up the School Admission Form of a nearby Waldorf Steiner School, when I very proudly wrote, "Even before I knew I wanted to be mother, I knew which school I would send my child to!" Giving my child the right environment to blossom has been my only criteria in choosing the school.... Continue Reading →

Exam Time: Moms please learn to breathe…

With exams either round the corner or going on - half the mothers in this country are going mad with unnecessary anxiety and stress. I am suddenly in the middle of six kids and three mothers who are all gearing up for their half yearly exams. All the kids are below ten years of age,... Continue Reading →

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